Let’s get this started…

I waved off my friends from the writers group and came back to the table to start clearing away the tea and coffee cups. My note pad stared at me, well not my note pad but the notes I had made during our monthly get-together. I had committed to 3 things before our next meeting, we all agreed to commit to some progress on our project, or else what’s the point of meeting. To have a cup of tea and cakes is a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but the purpose of these get-togethers is to advance our writing skills and encourage each other.
We are all strangers and met at our local community college to complete a creative writing course, from all walks of life we gathered. All had differing reasons for attending, my reason, and I only realised at the completion of the course was to “just do it”. I am no scholar, and struggle with some of the finer points of our language, but for me it was about getting the story out, getting my imagination fired up. There will always be someone to check my grammar and spelling, and for me that’s OK, for me it’s the story I want to tell.
The first commitment, get into pod casts, there is some very interesting people out there that have a lot to say, my fellow writers gave me a few ideas on where to start in my search for a pod caster that fits with me. I have dabbled with pod casts in the past; I do have an afternoon drive that is conducive of an hour pod cast, so the favourite excuse of the procrastinator, time, is not on the table with this one. I have always used the afternoon drive as an internal debrief after a day at the coal face and was happy to just listen to the blur that is radio. The last few days I have dedicated the drive to a pod cast and this has given new life to my sometimes dull drive home.
The second commitment, give my writing project “Marty’s Choice” a time line. Well I can honestly say that the last 2 weeks have seen a real push forward on MC. I downloaded the Scrivener software and although my computer skills stopped at Pac Man, found it easy to use and after a few Utube videos can really see the benefits Scrivener can give me. I am able to lay out my ideas in an easy to look at format that just “works” for me. So I do have a time line and hope to get the story out of my mind and on to paper (or my hard drive) by the first week in November. It’s not a completion of MC time line, more a first draft timeline. That gives me 3500 words per week, which I feel comfortable with considering my third commitment.
The third commitment, diversify my writing. I have identified that I do get carried away once I have a project on the go and that if I ever wanted to gain some kind of income from writing I have to learn to focus on multi projects. So here we are at my blog. It’s not my first blog; I do have a dormant travel blog that gets updated whenever I travel. It’s rough, it’s very raw. No time for extensive editing when you are traveling. It’s called Peter Felvus, The Slow Cyclist and during my Eastern Europe tour of 2013 was gaining a devoted following. This is not that blog.
Ok so to begin with I am going to post a couple of reviews I wrote last year that have never seen the light of day, I had this idea that I would write reviews of products local to our area;


American IPA, 5 Barrels Brewing Company
Dave and I crossed the finish line for the 2016 Sydney to the Gong Bicycle event at around 12.30 pm, so as you can imagine after cycling 90 km in the heat of a very warm spring day we were thirsty.
After the customary high fives and congratulating ourselves we decided we needed some liquid refreshment so we jumped back on our bikes and cycled a little further to the Five Barrels Brewing Company in Keira street Wollongong to sample their craft beer.
We chose the American IPA to quench our thirst, holding the glass up to the light my attention was averted to the pure colour resembling a lightly toasted copper, pure and true with a few bubbles. This suggested I was about to taste a true ale.
The taste was fruity with light pine overtones, the hops shone through, but left my pallet well balanced. I was left with a nice clean, forest like finish. Upon the second taste the flavours did mellow out, but the hops held their own holding strong to the finish.
Dave also enjoyed his and suggested a lemony, zesty type of finish, suggesting this ale would go well with anything coming from the char grill, with the hints of pine complimenting the soft smoky flavours of the charcoal fire.
We both agreed a good beer to enjoy after a long day in the saddle so we picked up a growler and headed home to light the BBQ, pour another beer and make plans for our next cycling adventure.


Silos Estate ‘Cat’s Meow’ Rose 2011
July is cold and wet and usually has me drinking big reds and peaty drams so when Matt brought me a bottle of “Cat’s Meow” Rose to try I was to say the least surprised and was almost going to hang on until the weather warmed up, I’m glad I didn’t wait.
Lifting the glass, the colour is spun gold, almost bottled sunshine with a hint of pressed copper.
The nose is fresh and crisp with notes of peach, apple and pineapple. I was drawn back to the nose and as the wine opened up the fruit balanced off and left a very delicate finish on the pallet.
We had the family over and entree was a Kale and Pinenut Ravioli with a burned butter sauce, the acid balance of the wine complemented this dish very well.
I would recommend this wine for spring time afternoon drinking, to accompany light entrees or in the middle of July when you are just longing for spring to arrive.
Ok so that’s it for this post, talk again soon.

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