The Best Coffee Ever

‘I swear the coffee I had today was the best ever’
‘Best ever Dave, that’s a big call’
‘Yeah it was the best coffee I have ever tasted’
‘So how are you judging this, “best ever coffee”, I am sceptical mate, best ever is just too big a call’
Dave and I in one of our conversations; ‘so you’re saying it was better than any other coffee you have ever had, like Bolero in the 94 Olympics, Torvill and Dean scored a perfect 10, that kind of best ever?’
‘Yeah that kind of best ever’
‘Yeah that performance has been reviewed by experts and although the most outstanding display of ice dancing ever witnessed still not a 10, you can’t give a perfect score’
‘Ok Pete, but we should at least agree on criteria to judge the coffee’
‘That is a fantastic idea mate’
So we grabbed some paper and a pen and started working on the key indicators for a good coffee, below is what we come up with.



Out of 2.5 points:   Think about –



Correct strength?



Out of 2.5 points: think about –


Too hot

Not hot enough

Does it need to be microwaved?


Out of 2.5 points: think about –


Or grainy and how was incorporation of milk/froth

How much milk froth (dependant on coffee type)

Overall experience

Out of 2.5 points: think about – COST!!!/ Size served? Long wait? Remember you/ your usual order? Was the place clean? Smile? Professional Overall feeling, presentation of coffee…. Choc/ lolly/shortbread

Of course this conversation took several hours and much eye rolling from those present.

A big thanks to Dave for help on this weeks update 🙂



One thought on “The Best Coffee Ever

  1. I like the four categories (although I think you should include burnt in the taste not the temperature) The overall experience should also include a score for the conversation! My best ever coffee?? I don’t know. Definitely in Australia. Not Italy, France and DEFINITELY NOT Canada or the US. I like my coffee hot – around 70-72C. I had a great one in Braidwood, NSW. The lady made it to the temperature I asked. Do you get points for bringing your own KeepCup??

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