A typical day of eating whilst cycle touring

I want to comment on the logistics of cycle touring and today it’s the eating. Now those that know me will know that I like a feed and can eat with the best of them.
Cycle touring requires special planning and you must eat correctly or else you will bonk out and have no energy.
On cycle tours, I have found that a bowl of cereal, yogurt and a banana is the best breakfast to get you started on a big day in the saddle.
So, on the footpath or at the campground I will sit with a bowl of cereal and yogurt watching the world go by, this will keep me going into the morning.

After about 1 ½ hours or the 30 km mark I usually stop for coffee and top up the carbs with biscuits or a brought muffin or taste something local, always a nice treat.
In New Zealand I was renowned for finding the bakery and sampling the pies as a mid-morning snack. The sweep (the guy that rides last and makes sure everyone gets to the destination safe) would stop at bakeries along the way and ask if a big Aussie guy on a bike came through and ate a pie, he always got the positive reply.

I generally cycle on after morning tea for another 1 ½hours, then I stop for what I like to call “second morning tea” break. I invented this break and am quite proud of it. Too early for lunch but you need a small break to give you a boost to lunch time. This is usually when the first can of coke or a piece of fruit comes into play, refreshing and a sugar hit to push into lunch.
Probably the most important break, this is the one where you can run out of energy if you’re not careful
I will usually buy some bread at the bakery or supermarket earlier in the day so all that is needed is somewhere comfortable to sit out of the sun.
Cut open the bread and stuff it with tomato, cheese and a tin of tuna, perfect lunch to keep you going. Always have a few tins of tuna on in the panniers, they have held me over many a time when food was hard to get.

I generally like an afternoon snack about 15 km from our destination, this lets you rest up before a push on to the finish. I remember in NZ last year, it was pouring rain and we were cold, I managed to sniff out a bakery and myself and a Canadian guy headed inside to warm up with a coffee, and a pie.
‘What’s in the pie?’ he asked, ‘we only have sweet pies back home’
He bites into his first meat pie and he was instantly converted, ‘wow Pete, how did you get on to these, they are fantastic’
‘Were I come from, this is the first solid food we have’ I joked.

If the weather is warm, there is always the opportunity to grab a quick pint of beer at this break, refreshes the pallet and rehydrates, the perfect product 😊

So, after the tent is up, or the bags thrown into the room, I like to take a walk to stretch my legs, sounds strange after cycling all day, but makes sense to me.
If you’re eating out go big on the carbs and replace the protein, I generally eat a plant based diet, but not on tour, I eat anything not nailed down.

Well almost anything not nailed down 🙂
My favorited camp meal is a 2-minute noodle frittata, I have written out the recipe below;
2 Minute Noodle Frittata
Prepare 2-minute noodle 1 pack per serve (and yes Maurice they only take 2 minutes to cook)
Gently sweat off some Hungarian salami to get the oil from the meat,
Add the noodles to the pan
Add an egg mixture 3 eggs and some milk,
When the eggs are set on the base flip the frittata over to cook the top,
Serve with a dark Hungarian ale, why a dark ale you ask? Well funny story, I was preparing this meal in a Hungarian park and there was a café just up the road, whilst the egg was setting I nipped up for a beer and the girl who I brought the beer from misunderstood me and gave me dark beer instead of larger.
Have I mentioned I may not be too good at language 😊


At the end of the day I usually like to go to bed with a wee dram of single malt and am never far from my flask 🙂



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