1st Sunday Writers Club


The first Sunday of the month sees me meet up with fellow writers in our area, we do this mainly to keep ourselves accountable to our writing goals. I really enjoy the monthly catch ups, as we are a diverse group, we come from different backgrounds, we have different paths and places we feel we fit into this life. As creative people we support and encourage each other in our imagination. We also have afternoon tea, one of my favourite pastimes 🙂

Last Sunday our host Jane set us a simple writing task, pick a random picture and you have ten minutes to write a short story.

Below is my efforts at this undertaking;


Wednesday Football

There comes a point when you must say, ‘enough is enough’. That’s what Tara thought.
A Wednesday night game of mixed 5 a side football would be fun, but this guy Vince was getting a little too creepy.
The wall was up and the free kick about to be taken; It’s your own responsibility to protect your “parts” so why does Vince feel he must protect her by trying to cover her “bits”?
She knew; he never actually touched her, no, that would be too easy to object too. He just held his hands a few inches from her crotch as if protecting the holy grail.
She has made comments in the past; ‘Getting a little close there Vince, no need to look out for me’ all to no avail, he just wouldn’t take the hint.
Yeah so enough was enough and finally Vince realised as he lay on the pitch holding his groin in the most excruciating pain as Tara sent from the field smiled and contemplated what she would do next Wednesday evening.


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