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Cake day

The story this week is about work, I am working out of a different location and it’s the first time I have worked in an office environment. I know how to perform office tasks, my position at the bakery has an office and that’s where I manage the bakery from. Just never worked in a big office with so many others.

A baker by trade sees me with a more hands on approach to my vocation. I like to get out on the floor and help with the manual tasks (although not too strenuous), occasionally mix a dough and get my hands working shaping and moulding the loaves.

The different location is our head office, the big boss sits in the corner office, we underlings of middle management have a suite of offices that stretch away from the corner . Then the guys in cubicles; the backbone and engine room of the place, the guys that know how to create a spread sheet, not just pretend read it. They do the work, type up the memos, keep the minutes, make sure the place runs smooth.

The first thing I notice is the language is clean and correct and a welcome change from the usual gutter talk that grown men when working or living together seem to come up with. There is a mix of sexes, cultural backgrounds and ages, this has everyone communicating in a civilised manner.


I thought that by working away from the bakery I would be able to really take charge of my appetite and start eating healthy. No fresh bread rolls straight from the oven, no more sausage rolls with the flaky, crumbly, buttery pastry. This is where I was wrong.
In the office environment, there is this thing called “Cake day”
I’m sure some of you may be familiar with cake day, when it’s someone’s birthday, or if left over cake is brought in to clear a home fridge, even a charity; this week it was jeans for genes day. A worthy cause, but just eating a cake isn’t going to help the cause. So here is me, trying to be healthy and true to my clean-living pledge (well this weeks pleadge anyway) and all around me is pavlova and sausage sizzles. It’s enough to drive a man crazy, or at the very least break his latest pledge.
Just glad I didn’t tell them it was my birthday on Thursday as the one of the girls in the engine room would have raced down and fetched another cake.