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My Little Girl gets Married

17th February 1989, about 8 pm at Shellharbour hospital, I should have been a nervous wreck, it was my second experience at the attendance of childbirth, and if the first time is anything to go by I should have been extremely nervous.
But I wasn’t, I was calm, the room was calm, there was no fuss or commotion. Britt came into the world in a relaxed and calm manner, there wasn’t even a doctor in the room to oversee, and there was no need. Britt just made her way to us with the quite reserve that she has carried throughout her life.
About an hour later I jumped in my car, turned the engine over and on the radio the song started playing “A little ray of sunshine” the Brian Cadd song, those lyrics stuck in my mind
“A little ray of sunshine has come into my world, a little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl’

The calmness and composure continued; a few weeks later we had a birthday party for her older brother Matt at our place, can you imagine 10 – little kids running amuck in the house when you’re looking after a newborn baby, but true to her character she remained tranquil and unruffled.
Along with her grace and calm is her infectious laugh. I was lucky enough to be the one to take her to mothers group when she was just a toddler. It was fun and Brits first social venture into the world. A lot of kids have trouble sharing, or even acknowledging the other toddlers in the room. Not Brit, she took on her new social roll with her sense of humour and began giggling her way through play group. She even earned the nick name of “giggle pot’ from the other mum’s, she would always be giggling at something, knowing early that a good sense of humour is essential in life.
I am always affected by her laugh it carries you along for the ride, even if you’re not sure what the joke is, an inclusive laugh that gets everyone in.
She is always and always will be the most beautiful soul ever created, but it’s her smile that melts my heart, the smile of an angel, of an individual who loves life and loves to laugh.

Brits work role sums up her compassion as a person, as a gentle soul, “Child protection Caseworker” there were a few people with raised eyebrows when she landed this position, “Why would you want to work with these people, these people who can’t look after their own children” I knew why she took this role and always have.
Britt has a mission statement and has always lived by this oath. “To look out for the little Guy”
I remember a trip we were lucky enough to have in Northern Thailand; we visited many places and got to meet and talk with many people.
Brit met a single mum who had her kids selling pencils to make ends meet, after a long talk with this girl, she wasn’t much older than Brit at the time, Brit brought some pencils.
Our fellow travellers told her that she may have been ripped off and that she could have brought the pencils cheaper if she haggled a bit more.
Brit replied, “I brought these for me, to remind me of how lucky we have it, and that we must always look out for the little guy” She still has those pencils.
So that trip had a very positive affect on her upbringing; but deep down it was always there, the watching out for the little guy.
There are two things which we as parents try to give our children, one is roots, an identity, a place to call home, the other is wings to fly, Brit, with her approach to life has soared.
She has always made me proud.
Brit our walk down the aisle was very special and means the world to me, be assured that I will always be walking next to you; you will always be my little girl.
I love you

Opinion Poll

This blog is usually a light hearted look at my life, but this week politics has really got on my nerves so I am sorry, but I will be talking about the elephant in the room.
I could have changed my Facebook photo with the hands that shape into a heart, and I probably will, but below I give the main reasons why our government is pissing me off this week.

I won’t be taking part in the 525-million-dollar non-binding opinion poll, the main reason being that my opinion doesn’t matter.
As a citizen of Australia, a country with clear antidiscrimination laws; my opinion on how others live their lives is irrelevant.
The hate talk has started, poor Tony Abbot is worried about his religious freedoms, his freedom of speech, and here was me thinking the opinion poll was about marriage equality for all citizens of this country. I fail to see the link between marriage equality and people’s religious freedoms or their freedoms of speech. Just a reminder Tony, political correctness is not just a clever name, it is that, “correct”.
Political correctness stops right winged bigots from spreading hate, and I for one have no issues with that.
The “postal plebiscite” also sets a dangerous precedent in our Westminster system of government, the leader of the government is unable to lead and call for a free vote in the parliament, instead spending millions on a non-binding postal plebiscite to keep his position as puppet prime minister; doesn’t have the courage to quiet the noisy ultra conservative back bench from where this hate spews.
What’s next, a reality TV show called “Plebiscite” to recognise the indigenous peoples of this land. Don’t laugh, you don’t have to look to far to see how low global politics has gone in the digital age, politics as a reaction to opinion polls, not thought out well debated policy.
My vote is the most precious right I have; I find it insulting that the government ask me to cast it in this very expensive opinion poll; I will not be using my vote to judge how people live their lives, to do so would sanction the judgment of people’s rights to be treated like all Australians.
Why are we putting the LGBT community through this?
Is this one last gay bash before the inevitable comes, because it will come, when we have a government with courage to do what’s right and not what’s popular.
I support marriage equality, but not this way, please not this way.